launches a new clothes line for……bags!


Imagine you’re standing in front of the mirror & your thinking : ‘I can’t wear this jacket anymore’. Or, you’re about to put on your favourite T-shirt but you start doubting if you can still be seen in it.

Your favourite clothes , now out of fashion & too often worn - throwing them away is not an option - in fact it’s no longer necessary.

Why not give your clothes a new life with SECOND-HANDBAG.

A well-worn jacket can now become a bag that’ll make sure you’ll get noticed.

Why not wear that old t-shirt as a shoulder bag?

SECOND-HANDBAG can make, fast & simple, a handy bag from any type of garment.

Trendy, durable, comfortable, unique…….and it’s just for you.


NEW! In the autumn of 2014, SECOND-HANDBAG will be introducing a new line – bags made from NEW clothes! Great as a present for yourself or someone else.


SECOND-HANDBAG – the bags are produced in the Netherlands by its own team & made in responsible working conditions.

@ 2014 Jantine Kraayeveld

info@second-handbag.com                     Tel: +31 (0)6 27318384

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