Tidying up is going to become fun again.


A bag made from your clothes is great, but there are even more possibilities available.

What about all those scarfs, gloves, hats & caps ?

They’re always stuffed away in your cupboard or squeezed into a plastic bag.

Why not save them all in a stylish bag?

A bag made from your own clothes that you then hang on the wall.

Or, what about those shelves crammed full of socks and piles of t-shirts & underwear?

Why not put them in a bag made from your own clothes?

Is your kitchen drawer full of bits & pieces – electric wires, chargers, elastic bands, & those always ‘handy-to-have’ little ‘save-it-in-here’ boxes?

Why not put the whole collection in a IBAGYOU bag & hang that on the back of the door?

The possibilities are endless!

Check out our website for other idea’s & get in touch with us.

We’ll even make you a storage bag that blends in with your own interior!

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