Imagine......you're standing in front of your wardrobe. 

You're thinking.....shall I throw all these clothes away? Or shall I just leave them hanging here in the cupboard?

Well, here's a solution, so don't hesitate any longer! 

Why not give your clothes another chance? 

Make a bag or storage container out of them! 

Mail or telephone us for more information.

Would you rather make them yourself? 

That’s also possible! 

We'll help you with advice & even suggest a pattern that fits your desires.

After the Funeral

Cleaning up the belongings of someone who has just passed away is often an emotional moment.

Clothing is very personal & its full of memories. There is often no direct use for it amongst the other members of the family or friends.

So the question arises : what can be done with all the left-over clothing? 

Share it amongst the other family members? Throw it all away? Bring it to a clothes depot or a second hand shop?  

But wait! Why not give that jacket a second life? Use it as a personal storage unit! That waistcoat could become a magazine rack on the wall! That skirt could be recycled into a handbag! Those trousers could make the perfect backpack! And that shirt could be used to store things in & hung on your hat stand! 

Why not let SECOND-HANDBAG make use of what you have bequeathed?

For more information and prices, get in touch with us & make an appointment.


SECOND-HANDBAG organises workshops at festivals, events & fairs ranging from baby showers, single parties, childrens parties to company events & business fairs. In consultation, the quantity & necessary materials needed will be brought to the event & your guests will receive professional guidance & assistance so that they can make their own SECOND-HANDBAG bag or storage container!



Looking for an original Christmas present?

Why not leave that to SECOND-HANDBAG!  

Let us develop a unique concept for your company!

Our products are ‘green’, recycled & produced under correct working conditions making our products the perfect environmentally responsible presents!  

Why not give us a call?



Fed up with your clothes?

Have you had them too long & worn them too often?

Why not make your clothes smile again by giving them a new lease of life?

You could make someone else very happy!



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