Is there something still hiding in your wardrobe?

Recycling clothes is becoming more & more popular.

But from now on, you won’t have to part with any of your favourite clothes.

Why not give your own T-shirt, skirt, dress or trousers another chance?

Not by dying them another colour or adding an extra decoration.

No, why not make a bag out of them?

Made in your own style & made to fit your own special character.

Check out the examples on our website & get in touch with us.

By the way, making a bag from any garment is not expensive.


SECOND-HANDBAG – You & your bag.

Not that jacket, not that shirt again! You really can’t wear them anymore!

And those trousers! With that ‘worn’ look (too many keys in your pocket).

Or that jacket with the ‘over-used’ pockets (extreme smartphone-use).

But wait a minute! Maybe it is going to be ok.

Why not make a computer bag from your old summer coat?

Or, a backpack from your winter jacket?

In no time you’ll back out on the streets again with your new bag – ready to go!

Check out our website for other idea’s & get in touch with us.

We’ll even make you a storage bag that blends in with your own interior!

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